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Welcome to Diorchavon
Cavalier King Charles Spaniel Kennel


This site is dedicated to my wonderful cavaliers and my loving family who has always been there for me and is still supporting me through all my ups and downs with this amazing breed.

My journey with cavaliers started when I was walking in the park with my daughter and met my first cavalier in person.  She was a two year old tricolor girl with a beautiful long coat, big dark eyes and absolutely adorable. She was my inspiration and shining star for the times to come with my cavaliers. My daughter and I fell in love with the breed and it made me desperate to find my very own cavalier.

After a long search, I found a breeder in Europe and flew there to get my first sweet girl Lindy. I brought her home and she adapted very well with our family and even loved to play with our cat, Tiger. She is still full of energy and wants to run up and play with every animal she sees. As time went on, we got more involved in the breed and decide to introduce Lindy to the big world and take a trip to her first Dog Show. I will always remember her first time on the ring. We all enjoyed the trip and showing, so we started doing it more and more. My lovely girl Lindy enjoyed our company but we thought she felt lonely when we were not around. We decided to get her a little play mate, Nelie.  The two girls were like peas in a pod doing everything together. Nelie was a little shy at first, but a few months later she was already blossoming into a great cavalier. Now she is very sweet and a joy to have around us.

The weekend shows were our passion. It was a lot of work to groom my girls and get them ready for the shows, especially because in the beginning we were doing everything ourselves with very little experience in the Dog Show world. Showing time was not only about competition, it was also a great opportunity to meet experienced breeders who have shared with us their knowledge and support. Winnings were giving us a lot of joy and loosing was pushing us even more to work harder. As my girls were getting older, I started thinking about breeding and of course, the best match available for my sweethearts. I already knew what I was looking for and what the type of Cavaliers I really loved was.

My favorite Cavaliers were from a German kennel called Bonitos Companeros. I have been in touch with Markus and Klaus for a very long time and finally my dream came true. My Bonitos Companeros boy was waiting for my arrival in Germany to take him for his long trip over the ocean to the USA !!! In the fall 2011, our first boy Leo become a part our family. At 6 months of age, Leo joined our show team and attended his first show. He is 16 months right now and has already won a couple blue ribbons and got a few winning shots. We are so proud of him. You can find more information about our kennel, my girls, and my boy further in my website.

Thank You Markus Kirschbaum & Klaus Vorderstraße – Bonitos Companeros for this very special boy.  I would also like to thank breeders Libuse Kristova – Moravia Eden for Lindy and Claudia Hansch  – VOM Erlenbacher Hemmerich for Nelie.

We are a member of CKCSC, USA, CKCSC of Northeast and AKC. Our cavaliers are registered with AKC and CKCSC clubs and health tested for harts, eyes, and hips. The health of our cavaliers and the health of their offspring are very important to us and our goal is to raise happy and healthy cavaliers.
My three Cavaliers have made me appreciate things even more and felt as I received a “Golden Gift of Life”. That is the meaning of the prefix Diorchavon, which I have picked for my kennel name.

Thank you all for reading my long story and I hope you will enjoy your visit at my site. My little space on the net.

Please join us; Dorota, Lindy, Nelie and Leo 🙂